5 ways to enjoy Valentine’s Day as a single gal

Candy hearts. Love songs. Roses. Chocolates.

Yep, it’s almost Valentine’s Day.

Romance seems to be everywhere, and all you can think is, “Where is my Prince Charming?”

That romantic play you’re reading in English class isn’t making this any easier. And the fact that the school dance just happens to fall on Valentine’s Day? Definitely not helping.

But before you let all the pink and red push you into the Valentine blues, there’s something you should realize: Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about you and your relationship status.

It’s easy to spend this time of year thinking about the fact that you DON’T have a date. But instead of dwelling on that, I have a challenge for you: Spend these next few days thinking about all the great relationships you DO have.

“Easy for you to say,” you might be thinking. “You’re married. You have someone.”

Yes, I do—now. But I didn’t always. I spent a lot of Valentine’s Days as a single girl, and I can tell you from experience: You don’t have to be miserable on Valentine’s Day. In fact, you can have a lot of fun.

Here are five ways to enjoy this Valentine’s Day, no date required.

1. Give Valentines to your best friends


Who says Valentines have to be romantic? Get some scrapbook paper, ribbons, buttons, glitter, glue, stickers—whatever supplies you’d like—and make Valentines for your best friends.

Not feeling crafty? Buy a package of your favorite Disney Princess Valentines, and give them out. A few years ago, an old friend from high school sent me a Valentine with Flynn Rider (from Rapunzel) on it. I laughed when I opened the envelope! The next year, she sent me a Cinderella Valentine and some tea. They were both so simple, but they really meant a lot.

2. Make Valentines to bring to a nursing home

The credit for this one goes to my dear friend Kara. A few years ago, she suggested that we make Valentines to bring to people in a nursing home. With the help of a group from church, we made dozens of them, filled with messages of joy and Jesus’ love, and delivered them on Valentine’s weekend. It felt beautiful.

The next year, we went again—this time, with a few more girls. And here’s the best part: Our relationship statuses didn’t matter. Some of us were single, some dating, and some were even married. But we all had a common goal: Spread a little love. And it did our hearts good.

One of the women we met in the nursing home showed us old pictures of her and her husband. Weren't they a beautiful couple?

One of the women we met in the nursing home showed us old pictures of herself and her husband. Weren’t they a beautiful couple?

3. Have a Valentine tea

If you’d like to do something on the fancy side, host an afternoon tea party for your girlfriends. (If you don’t like tea, drink pink lemonade in pretty cups!) Have strawberries or raspberries, jam sandwiches cut into tiny hearts, and pink-frosted cookies. Invite people to dress up in pretty party dresses. Send every girl home with a single pink rose or another pretty party favor. You could even make Valentines for each other as part of the fun.

4. Have a casual girls’ night in

Invite your best friends over for a night of relaxation. Put on those fuzzy socks, slip into some soft pajama pants, and cuddle up in a cozy blanket to watch your favorite chick flick or Disney princess movie.

Want to add a little glamour? Give each other manicures—a good OPI-brand polish will last you almost two weeks! For a spa treatment, pull your hair back, and try a face mask. (Here is a simple DIY face mask and scrub you can make from things your family probably has at home.) Don’t forget to smooth some good lotion on your tired feet!

Like baking? Make some festive cupcakes or cookies. Don’t forget the pink frosting! (If you’ve never tried chocolate cupcakes with cherry frosting, you should. They’re delicious.)


 5. Spend time with your mom or dad

You might be rolling your eyes at this one, but hear me out.

Your parents love you more than anyone else does. And some day—trust me on this—you’re going to leave home, and you’ll miss them more than you can ever imagine.

It may not seem like it, but there are very few things more special in a young woman’s life than a manicure or movie with Mom, or a lunch date with Dad. Your parents might have their own romantic dinner plans, but I bet they would love to take some time this weekend to spend with you, their darling daughter.

No matter what you do this Valentine’s Day, remember this: You are beautiful, and you are loved.

And whatever you end up doing, have FUN!

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