Changes Ahead

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged! I’ve continued to write and edit—just not in this space. But it’s time for that to change, and that means this blog will be changing direction.

I’ve focused on several different topics over the years, from advice for teenage girls to heartfelt spiritual reflections to thoughts on writing. After much consideration, I’ve decided to write about what’s most on my mind and heart these days: motherhood.

I’d like to protect the privacy of my children, so you probably won’t find intimate snapshots of our lives or details that could possibly embarrass or harm them later. But you will find honesty, creativity, and encouragement. I firmly believe it’s possible to be both personal and protective, and I’m committed to being both.

You’ll start seeing new posts from me in the next couple weeks. I’m honored to have you on the journey!

One last thought: Does this make me a “Mommy blogger”? I suppose it does—and I’m happy to be one!

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