Changes Ahead

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged! I’ve continued to write and edit—just not in this space. But it’s time for that to change, and that means this blog will be changing direction.

I’ve focused on several different topics over the years, from advice for teenage girls to heartfelt spiritual reflections to thoughts on writing. After much consideration, I’ve decided to write about what’s most on my mind and heart these days: motherhood.

I’d like to protect the privacy of my children, so you probably won’t find intimate snapshots of our lives or details that could possibly embarrass or harm them later. But you will find honesty, creativity, and encouragement. I firmly believe it’s possible to be both personal and protective, and I’m committed to being both.

You’ll start seeing new posts from me in the next couple weeks. I’m honored to have you on the journey!

One last thought: Does this make me a “Mommy blogger”? I suppose it does—and I’m happy to be one!


A New Year’s Resolution That’s Just Write

I’m a big fan of New Year’s resolutions. At the very least, I usually resolve to do something related to faith, something related to health, and something related to writing.

Last spring, a friend and I started a new writing routine. We live in different states, but we both woke up at 5 a.m. on weekdays to write. I felt revitalized. And I made a mental note: In 2017, I would resolve to write every single day.

Now that 2017 is actually here, my world looks a lot different than it did when I made that mental note. I have a different job, and my husband and I are getting ready to welcome our first child.  Continue reading

Be kind to the journalists

At the end of this election, I have one request: Be kind to each other.

Be kind to those who are different from you. Be kind to those with whom you disagree.

And be kind to the journalists, too. Please.

I say this as someone who works as a copy editor in a newsroom.

People don’t always like what we publish, and that’s OK. We don’t always like the things we’re covering, but we cover them anyway.

But there’s no reason for any of us to be unkind just because we don’t like something.

Continue reading

Five Ways Word Games Have Helped Me As A Writer

I play a LOT of word games. My mom introduced me to them when I was a kid, and my husband and I have played them together since we first started dating.

The porch of a cabin in Arkansas made a serene Scrabble setting.

The porch of a cabin in Arkansas made a serene Scrabble setting. (My husband probably won this game — he’s really good.)

We took Scrabble with us on our honeymoon.

Zip-It rides along in my purse on nearly every road trip.

We’ve taken Boggle to a pizza restaurant.

And when we’re visiting my side of the family, we almost always play a game of Bananagrams.

I enjoy word games purely for the fun factor. But the more I’ve thought about it, the more I’ve noticed that they’re actually good for my writing. Some of the same skills used in playing these games can be applied when it’s time to put pen to paper/fingers to keyboard. Here are just a few examples.  Continue reading

Guest post: What do you do?

Kelsey Professional Head ShotIt’s my pleasure to welcome my good friend Kelsey Gillespy to the blog today. She’s in the midst of writing a dystopian trilogy, and her short story “Until He Was Gone” was recently published in the anthology Birds of PassageYou can find more of her heartfelt words on

“What do you do?”

That’s THE question of adulthood. The go-to icebreaker. The one everybody asks.

Most people have a ready response.

“I’m a teacher.”

“I’m a nurse.”

“I’m an [insert job here].”

As though what we do from 9 to 5 defines us. Perhaps that’s why I found it extremely difficult to call myself a writer, especially when I first started my career. Continue reading