Quiet Q-Tip Activity

What’s free, easy to make, and kept my one-year-old quietly occupied all the way through a Sunday sermon?

This glorious little spice jar of Q-tips.


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Muffins, Anyone?

When I cook, my daughter is usually happy to play nearby in the living room. But I’ve been trying to find little ways to involve her in the kitchen.

Sometimes, I simply give her different objects to play with. Plastic containers of sprinkles make great maracas (as long as they stay closed). A colander and a wooden spoon make a fun drum set. The colander can double as a peek-a-boo hat—my daughter figured that one out all by herself! Continue reading

Guest post: What do you do?

Kelsey Professional Head ShotIt’s my pleasure to welcome my good friend Kelsey Gillespy to the blog today. She’s in the midst of writing a dystopian trilogy, and her short story “Until He Was Gone” was recently published in the anthology Birds of PassageYou can find more of her heartfelt words on kelseygillespy.com.

“What do you do?”

That’s THE question of adulthood. The go-to icebreaker. The one everybody asks.

Most people have a ready response.

“I’m a teacher.”

“I’m a nurse.”

“I’m an [insert job here].”

As though what we do from 9 to 5 defines us. Perhaps that’s why I found it extremely difficult to call myself a writer, especially when I first started my career. Continue reading